Artist Series: Vol. 4

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The Calypsos Artist Series was born out of a combined love for art, community, giving back, and arguably most importantly, coffee. The Artist Series is a monthly series, in which an artist designs a label for a bag of delicious Calypsos Coffee. Each bag purchase includes a booklet, with some fun facts about the artist.

          In the spirit of building community, a portion of the proceeds from each bag of the Artist Series goes to 2 places: The artist themselves, and a non-profit of the artist’s choosing. Thank you for supporting multiple wonderful folks at once, with your purchase of the Calypsos Artist Series.

This month, our artist is Antonia Perez-Simpson. Antonia has chosen to support the Honnold Foundation with her work. The Honnold Foundation advocates and builds solar energy all around the world! 
The coffee itself is a medium roast blend, with organic/fair trade coffees from Mexico & Tanzania. Tasting notes: Milk chocolate notes with a hint of black tea