Smartroom Use Policy

Please check our Calendar for availability: 

Click on the Calendar button above!

Please make reservations a head of time thru Email at  You must also fill out the form

to reserve the room at Calypsos Coffee & Creamery. 

Deposit is required.


*The first 2 hours = $30.00

*Additional Hour or a fraction of = $10.00 

*Food & Drinks are extra (not included in the fees)

*Non Refundable Deposit Required = 50% of total Rental Fee or $15.00 if rental if only 2 hours.

*Remaining balance of room is collected within 30 minutes of your scheduled Meeting. 

RESERVE the Smart Room by going to this Link: 

Our Smartroom

 Schedule your Meetings and/or Parties with us!  SPECIAL CATERING & Food Prices are available

 for larger groups!   Prices Vary plus 20%  Gratuity. Due to the Health code we can NOT  allow outside food or drinks! 



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Calypsos Coffee & Creamery

We do have a 46" TV Screen for your Presentations with a small fee of $5.00! An HDMI connection is provided.  Please let us know if you need the TV Screen when you make your reservation.