Our signature blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffee.  This coffee has a citrus aroma, dry acidity, and a dark chocolate finish.

Colombian Supremo

One of the most popular coffees in the world!  This coffee possesses a nice snappy acidity rich flavor aroma.


This intense coffee is heavy and full bodied with an earthly taste, mild acidity, chocolate berry flavor, and a nice even finish.


​A creamy body wih strong citrus and herbal overtones, and a mild honey finish.

Espresso Decaf

​This decaf blend is dark roasted and produces a smoky flavor that shines well through milk flavoring.

Costa Rica

​This coffee has a sweet smoky flavor with a medium body, and bright acidity.

Our Coffee

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Contact us with your Coffee orders.  We can also Private Label your own blend. We also ship in the US and Canada.

Papua New Guinea

This coffee has a medium body with a malty aroma,  a sweet molasses flavor with a light, mild acidity, and a clean finish.


​This is our signature espresso.  Medium roasted, it features a sultry blend of coffees that when combined it creates a balanced, sweet slightly smoky, flavored shot with heavy body and crema.


​A medium dark roast blend of Colombia, Sumatra, & Guatemala Coffees.  A combination that delivers  an exciting cup that has ​a full body, mild acidity and sweet honey finish.


Curb Blend

A mixture of origins left from each batch of roasted beans.  It's different every time...but it's always very good and a smooth blend.