Do you paint? Do you create art? 

 If you do and are interested in hanging your artwork on our walls, please send a message below with a photo of your work.


Entertainment & Events


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Monday Nights

6p.m. to 8:30pm

Sign Up at 5:30pm on

Monday Nights ONLY!

Musicians, artist, Comedians & Poets

all welcome! 



Please fill out form on this page if you are requesting to Play

We are a not 'Pay to Play' Venue.  We have found in the past that we do not make money back to pay Artists & Bands to play in our Venue.   We do offer Artists & Bands to play in our Venue FREE of charge during business hours but that is the extent of our ability.  We do have a Sound System  available for your use, however, you must bring your own amp if you are playing an electric guitar.  We do encourgae you to sell your Cds/merchandise and put out a Tip Jar while you play.   While you are responsible in promoting your gig, we can also help promote Bands & Artists if you provide us your photo and a short Bio for our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you agree to this Policy and would like to play in our Venue please email us at booking@calypsoscoffee.com or message us below.   Please click on the calendar button for available dates!